How can I sell my vehicles to Hulleman Trucks?
If you want to sell your vehicle to Hulleman Trucks, fill in the purchase form on the website or get in touch with one of our purchasing agents directly.
What kind of payment agreements can be made when selling a vehicle to Hulleman Trucks?
The payment agreements have to be made in consultation with one of our purchasers. The payment will usually be made during of before delivery.
Can Hulleman Trucks deregister my vehicle for me?
Hulleman Trucks is recognised by the Dutch Vehicle Autority (RDW). Because of that we are allowed to deregister vehicles out of our stock.


Which payment methods are accepted by Hulleman Trucks?
Hulleman trucks prefers bank transactions. Other methods of payment could be discussed.
What kind of payments methods could be utilized?
Invoicing, documentation and delivery will take place after receiving the complete payment.
When can I inspect the offered vehicles?
Hulleman Trucks is open Mondays to Fridays, 7.30 am - 18.00 pm. On Saturdays we are open from 8.00 am - 12.00 am. Appointments outside our opening times can be made in consultation with our employees. If you want to inspect a vehicle, please contact us on time, and we will place the truck on the front of our yard.
Can I reserve a vehicle?
If you want to buy a vehicle at our company, we offer you the possiblity to reserve the truck during your trip to our company. To reserve a truck, an overall agreement on the price is preferred. If you want to reserve a truck for quite a long period, a deposit may be required.
Does Hulleman Trucks accept deposits?
A deposit enables you to reserve a vehicle over a longer period of time, and allows you to pay in terms. A deposit has to be an equivalent of at least ten percent of the total amount. The remaining amount must be paid within 14 days after concluding a deal, unless otherwise agreed.
Is there a possibility to make a test drive?
A test drive can be made on our yard. In consultation with our sales department, a test drive on the public road is also a possibility.
Do you give a guarantee?
Hulleman Trucks sells used trucks and trailers across the entire world. It is almost impossible to keep an eye on all these trucks for checks and repairs. We therefore cannot give any guarantee. There is, however, always a possiblity to inspect the trucks thoroughly on our yard.
Are your prices inclusive or exclusive of VAT (BTW)?
All prices shown are exclusive of VAT (BTW). In most cases it is not necessary to pay VAT (BTW). You do not have to pay VAT if you are domiciled in a member state of the Eurpean Union, outside The Netherlands, provided you have a valid VAT number in your home country.

Transport and shipment

How can I get temporary license plates in order to transport my vehicle?
Dutch export license
This is only possible for trucks with a valid Dutch vehicle inspection.
Valid for 14 days in all countries
Immediately available during working hours
Costs: € 120,--

German temporary plates
Possible for all vehicles
Valid for five days
Ordering before 09:30 results in delivery around 15:00.
Costs: € 120,--

Austrian registration
Possible for all vehicles
Valid for 7, 14 or 21 days.
Delivery time one or two working days
Costs: successively € 500,--, € 600,-- or € 700,--
Are you able to deliver trucks elsewhere in Europe?
Thanks to our close contacts in the vehicle transportation sector, Hulleman Trucks is able to deliver trucks at any destination in Europe. Our salesmen are happy to give you more information about costs and conditions with regard to the used trucks for sale.
To which destinations can shipment be taken care of?
Hulleman Trucks is able to organize shipments towards destinations all over the world. More information could be found on the shipment page on our website. Thanks to the close cooperation with our shipment and transportation partners, Hulleman trucks is able to organize transportation by road and by sea for reasonable prices.


Are all trucks delivered with original registration documentation?
Hulleman Trucks always delivers its vehicles with the original registration papers.
Is there a possiblity to get a Dutch registration on a foreign vehicle?
If you bought a vehicle out of our stock, there is a possibility to get a Dutch registration.
Is it possible to get a Dutch inspection report on a truck?
If you bought a truck out of our stock, there is possibility to get a Dutch inspection report on the truck. The costs for the report will be determined in consultation with your salesman.
Does Hulleman Trucks take care of export documentation for exportation of used trucks to destinations out of the European Union?
If you want to export a vehicle to a destination out the European Union, Hulleman Trucks delivers all necessary export documents.
Is Hulleman Trucks able to deliver an EUR1 document?
We are able to request a EUR1 document, which costs € 75.


How can I get acces into the presales portal on the website?
If you are interested in the pre-sales vehicles on offer, please request a user name and password from one of the salesmen.
What is the delivery time of presales vehicles?
Delivery time depends on a number of factors and is different for each vehicle. You will be informed of this by your salesman.
What are the payment terms for buying presales trucks?
When you buy a presales vehicle, a deposit is required. The height of this deposit can be determined in consultation with your salesman.


Which sorts of personal data does Hulleman Trucks process?
We process your name and address, e-mail address and other company and personal data that you actively provide in correspondence and by telephone.
For how long does Hulleman Trucks store my data?
Hulleman Trucks does not store personal data any longer than deemed necessary. For certain data, a statutory retention period applies.
How do I make a request to have my data removed?
You can submit a request to have your details removed by sending an e-mail to: info@hulleman.com

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