Truck transport and transportation of heavy duty vehicles.

Hulleman Trucks works closely together with well-established companies for the transportation of trucks, heavy duty material, equipment and other vehicles. We are able to organize transportation of trucks, closed boxes, tippers, chassis cabins, concrete mixers, vacuum trucks, tank trucks and other vehicles. We are able to load cabines with a height of 3.9 meters, we can also load chassis cabins with a total length of 12 meters. Our educated drivers know all about licenses, rules and regulations and are able to quickly and safely deliver their load at any Western European seaport or city.

Administrative activities

In addition to our experience with physical transportation, we also have years of experience in taking care of administrative activities related to transport. We are able to take care of licenses and other documentation with regard to the import and export of vehicles.

Efficient and affordable transport

To save as much room as possible, we stack the trucks in a smart manner. This efficient stacking saves on costs for transport by road and sea.

Worldwide shipment

Our used trucks and trailers are shipped from several Western European seaports towards destinations all over the world. We have been working together with competent shipping companies for years and know well how to organize shipments. As a result, we are able to organize shipments quickly, safely and for reasonably prices.

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