Working method

Hulleman Trucks handles thousands of trucks per year across destinations all over the world. Our commercial employees care about our clients' interest. We try to provide the best service possible and to work according to the mentioned procedure.

To find the right truck for our clients, Hulleman Trucks has a competent purchase team at its disposal. Our purchasers have a lot of knowlegde about different sales markets. They visit many suppliers, located all over Europe, every week. From a wide range of offers, the most attractive trucks will be selected.

As soon as a truck has been bought by one of our purchasesr, we inform our clients. Via a well-equiped sales procedure clients will receive notice of our newest trucks immediately after the purchase, sometimes within half an hour. This way our clients always get the first choice to buy our vehicles. Afterwards the remaining trucks will be published on our portal with expected trucks, including pictures and specifications in many different languages. "

We are always trying to establish new relationships. Besides establishing new relationships we want to invest in our existing relationships. We try to learn as much as possible about the background of our clients. Service and commitment are important issues for our company. This is how we aim for success in doing business with a variety of clients.

After a deal has been made, providing a competitive price and good service, Hulleman Trucks assists its clients by organizing transportation and shipment towards destinations all over the world. Because of an intensive cooperation with our shipment and transportation partners, Hulleman trucks is able to organize reasonably priced transportation by road and by sea.

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